look at the fantastic animation in this video. my friend brian moore did it::

rainbow danceparty.

//true awakening will not fit into the world as you imagine it or the self you imagine yourself to be. reality is not something that you integrate into your personal […]

sister art.

i dropped my little sister on her head and she passed out for a little bit. now she makes beautiful things:: —kimmy walters. :: http://staticbug.deviantart.com/gallery/  

if there is another world

‘What we, or at any rate what I, refer to confidently as memory — meaning a moment, a scene, a fact that has been subjected to a fixative and thereby […]


my friend glen recently moved into a new place with naked walls and he asked me to help him with his naked wall problem:

if somebody or you are beautiful or deep or generous what i say is whistle that sing that yell that spell –e.e. cummings.


welcome to this tiny sun puddle. lately I’ve been enjoying a lot of carl jung’s words. these in particular: -One of the most destructive forces is unused creative power.  If […]