welcome to this tiny sun puddle.
lately I’ve been enjoying a lot of carl jung’s words. these in particular:
-One of the most destructive forces is unused creative power.  If a man out of laziness does not use his creative energy, his psychic energy turns to sheer poison.-

sheer poison might be a bit extreme, but the basic idea [we create things or destroy things]  makes sense.

like everything else, there’s probably a middle place somewhere between those two but I tend to get lost in melancholy along the way so we’ll stick with creation for now.

so where to?.

how about happy. that’s the goal, right?

so many arguments use that as a starting point: every person/being wants and deserves to be HAPPY.
such pressure!
we work and work and work for HAPPY and once we finally make it there we’re terrified that it will go away.
happy and fear don’t seem to get along as well as
joy and excited.
or embarrassed and regret.

have you ever even seen the two of them at the same time?

maybe enjoyment would be a better goal.
enjoyment doesn’t seem to have any qualms with those other guys.
and since enjoyment might even go to a party if it knew sad was going to be there, guilt can stay at home and keep lonesome company.

‘… when individual heart cells are placed in a petri dish, each heart cell will pulsate to its own rhythm, at its own tempo. Some of them very rapid, some of them very slow, and of course everywhere in between. But…once a critical number of heart cells is reached, each and every one of the heart cells falls into perfect synchrony with one another. We don’t know how this happens…but this synchrony is what we experience as a heartbeat, and it’s obviously the pulse, the impulse, that animates us into life.’
tony vigorito, ‘nine kinds of naked’ ::


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  1. I think you should forget about illustrating other people’s work, and do your own 🙂

  2. Woot!

    I’m glad your back!

    This is good, all of it.

    Yes, yes please.

  3. A grade school friend of mine once told me something along the same lines……she said that contentment, not necessarily happiness, was her general state of mind.

    I likey the new blogey. Cheers.

  4. Julie. We need advise. Or maybe just reassurance on a decision I’ve already made.

  5. That picture is amazing::Do you have a bigger size image that you can send me via the interweb

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