nope. you’re not the only one.

now i understand why people write dialogue.
and by that you mean you started writing a dialogue and have figured out why you like it?
ach. you know me too well.
no such thing.  so why do you like writing dialogue?
the fact that we’re having this conversation means you already know the answer to that question.
besides the point. you wouldn’t have even started this if you didn’t want to give me the answer to that question. now maybe we could have saved some time if you just told me the answer rather than bringing up the subject so i’d eventually ask, but we both know that’s not how this works. at least not yet.
alrightalright. writing dialogue is an acceptable means of allowing all these bits of me to communicate. happy?
now that’s a ridiculous question.
since when is ridiculous a problem?
since when is unacceptable a problem?
probably somewhere around middleschool.
i thought you were over that.
i am. you’re the one who brought it up. maybe you’re the problem.
ha! wouldn’t it be nice if there was a the problem.
the first step to fixing the problem is admitting that you are the problem.
i’m not sure that makes any sort of sense. there’s no problem until you decide to decide that one exists so you can fix it in order to feel like you’ve accomplished something. don’t make me your purpose.
don’t flatter yourself.
why not? it’s better than making problems.
but not better than fixing them.
and what’s your problem?
circles! we’ve been here before!
yes probably. so what’s the solution?
from circles to spirals. sounds like a quick fix.
should be. but spirals are tricky.  hard to figure which way to go.
just pick and go. i’m right behind you.
and i should trust that. why?
what else is there to do?
you sound unsure.
well if you’re so sure then go. i’ll follow.
i made no claims to certainty. since you stuck us on this spiral i thought you’d like to lead. but you’re right. trust is work. to really trust me i’d have to agree not to hop off when this spiral starts making me dizzy. i can’t do that,  but i will follow you for now. and if i get dizzy i’ll tell you and we could jump off together or turn around  or maybe only i will turn around but i’ll at least tap you on the shoulder before i do.
why do we always seem to end up here?
circles will do that.
so this is how it ends?
if that’s what you want. i think it’s a nice place to start.

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  1. Well, the circles in the top aren’t rellay concentric, since the center of the smaller circles is higher than the center of the larger circles, but they are all definitely circular

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