living [note to self]

step 1: LOVE. all of it.
[step] step2 [stepsforwardnoneedtogobackbutitsoksometimesyoudogobackbacktothef’nbasics]: LISTEN. don’t ignore that voice. or that one. draw it out. sing it talk it chalk it write it laugh it dance it kick it spit it spin it [forgive] it.
step 3: BREATHE. notice that. and that.  yup even THAT. it’s beautiful.
step 4: MOVE. the fist creature developed a brain specifically for locomotion. a sea squirt begins life with a brain. after a while, he decides to attach himself permanently to a rock or something kinda sturdy. [wannabemyrock?] then he eats his brain.
step 5: LOOK. see that person over there doing that beautiful thing? that’s you. and that one over there doing that terrible thing? also you.
step 6: SIMPLIFY.
step 7: ABSORB. soak it in. filter a bit [~.5 micron] . then squeeeeeeeeeeeeeze.
step 8: GIVE. you have so much. doesn’t do much good to keep it to yourself.
step 9: GRATITUDE.
step 10: GROW. no matter how long you’ve been doing it wrong [ly?]. now is when you should start doing it right.
step 11: LAUGH. look there. just look at  how ridiculous you are.
…..keeeeep on steppin….

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