if there is light there’s a shadow. [TOOOO]

she has a lot of strange days. a while back she came to the conclusion that no one thing makes any more or less sense than another.
but everything is interesting.

she leveled herself with the pavement, belly down, and ran her finger over the bumps and dips in the cement.
not even a smudge.
nothing. she’d allowed her shadow to disappear from underneath her feet. not that there’s much she could have done to prevent such a thing. maybe. she’d never tried to grasp a shadow before, so perhaps a little effort would have shown her just  how sticky a shadow could be.

she popped back up and probably would have continued on up had it not been for a tree branch a few feet above her head. she needs to be more careful now.
bodies are much lighter  and more likely to float away when they don’t have shadows to ground them.

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