notes from a vision quest.

hm. yes. well.
i just got back from a bit of a vision quest out west.

in the past two weeks i::

  • slept along side the loneliest highway in america. without feeling lonely.
  • fell in love. [woops]
  • mind EXPLOSION [x32 or so. once or twice by pre-adolescents.]
  • discovered some new homes i didn’t know i had.
  • heard ‘once in a lifetime’ [that talking heads song] twice in two days.
  • let go.
  • met some new friends who instantly became old friends.
  • met some old friends. [nice to have mutual assurance that we are in fact making progress.]
  • spread the world around the country. [thank you paul]
  • yoga-ed on the beach.
  • climbed around on a mountain or two. [inside and outside m’brain]
  • forgot.
  • talked and listened and talked and listened and talked and listened……
  • made peace with death. [in the form of a warm, glowing, golden orb.]
  • had icecream for lunch. [x2 or 5]
  • was chilly. outside. wearing sweatpants and a jacket.
  • remembered.
  • found my idea for the fuuuuuuture.
  • bounced that idea off of some super minds.
  • impromptu hottub-ed.
  • visited nine states [the border kind and the no border kind]
  • danced.
  • felt almost every emotion i know of.
  • learned and learned and learned and learned.
  • dissolved some shadows.
  • was a rock for a beautiful tree.
  • went to a goat farm in portland.
  • made friends with a google-eyed firesquirt.
  • had many glimpses of all the work there is to do. and always will be.

–working on the details—

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