a sunday ramble.

like a bull out the bread bag
breaking all these twist ties.
like a farmer on his tip toes
dodging all these cow pies.
like a soldier in a whiskey blur
tripping all these land mines.
like a shrink on his last day
flipping all these mad minds.
like a thrill seeking bumble bee
surfing on the columbine.
which was a flower first
and a tragedy later.
usually it’s the other way around:

‘i’m sorry you lost your wife.
here’s another pretty thing that’s died
or has at least been cut off from its life source.
maybe you can relate?’

my friend allie* likes dead flowers better than live ones. her boyfriend [ there just is no good word for that relation. ‘lover’ may have worked before SNL and will ferrell trounced it. ‘significant other’ has entirely too many syllables. and is also meaningless. every person is a significant other. ‘cuddle buddy’ is nice. but does not connote monogamy. how ‘bout just his name. he was a brehmer before he was a boyfriend anyway. ]

brehmer* thinks that says something about her. he’s not sure what. but something.
it all means what you’d like it to mean. what you’re ready for it to mean.

one thing is as significant as the other.
we choose to make some of these others significant.
and some more significant than others.

to:: all of you others.
thank you for being significant.

* names unchanged. no innocents to protect.

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