‘if your soul took on a physical form, it would be a google eye.’*

when i reach into my pocket for change at a grocery store, a google eye generally comes back somewhere in the mix.  for some years now, i [like many others as i’ve recently learned] have enjoyed a past time called google eyeing. or googling. or my personal favorite, eyebombing.

a few nights ago i was at the improv shop waiting for a show to start when i couldn’t help but notice a beautiful arrangement of two tomatoes and a pickle in the form of a silly face with a mustache. upon informing the diner of his good fortune, he proceeds to reach into his pocket, pull out a small google eye, and place it delicately on one of the tomatoes:


it seemed as though he was expecting my input on his dinner remnants.

yes, he says, i have a website called http://www.allgoogly.com/ .

you should submit some of your googles.

so i did : http://www.allgoogly.com/2013/02/use-your-imagination/googly_imagination_girl/

he’ll be posting more in the near future so stay tuned, if you please.

*quote by mr. mike shocklee

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