love stuff.

Sometimes it’s just too easy to forget that there’s really nothing negative in this world.
When a thing seems bad it’s just because we haven’t learned the way to love it yet.
When we haven’t learned how to love that thing yet sometimes it seems easier to find other people who also haven’t learned how to love that thing and talk about and scream about and make billboards about its unlovability than it is to just turn our heads and look at that thing we haven’t learned how to love yet.

Sometimes we’ll learn how to love that thing and get all excited about that and try to tell everyone about it and as long as we’re telling everyone about it because we want them to know how good it feels and we’d like for them to do it to and not because we want to show them how good we are at loving things, I don’t really see a problem with broadcasting it to the people so long as we’re prepared for the fact that the broadcast might make some people angry and then we remember that anger is just fear making loud noises to distract us from what is good.

Take home message: love stuff. it feels good.

thanks for listening.

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