awww poop.

I worry too much, do you worry too much? I worry too much. If you worry at all then you worry too much: Am I going to be tired from staying up too late or why am I tired I got plenty of sleep I must be holding on to something that I need to address or why did nobody like my Facebook post I must be a wretched human or if I type all these worries everyone will know how worrisome I am what time is it can I make it to the gym before work I’ve just been so lazy lately what if I never stop being lazy and just rot into a pile oh god if I think I’m going to rot into a pile then I’m going to rot into a pile because thinking stuff makes it happen my mind so weak cause I’ve been lazy with that too what the heck is wrong with me why am I ruining my life NO more why questions those won’t get you anywhere dammit.
Worry is just our egos trying to convince us that they’re important. The only tiny good that worry does is alert us to the fact that we are in fact worrying so we can stop that worry and mature on to bigger and more important worries:

From -am I stepping in dog poop- to
-am I stepping in toddler poop- to
-is that toddler eating some poop.-

From -does that guy want to have a drink with me- to
-does that guy want to have a baby with me- or
-how am I going to have a baby with that girl.-

From -how long do I have to live like this- to
-how long do I get to live like this.-

The good news! The only worry up there that’s really even worth thinking about is the poop one. That’s the only one that’s happening right now. All of the rest of that is just a bunch of junk because right now is all we really need to worry about, and worry probably isn’t even the right word for that. There’s no need to worry if we’re dealing with the situation.
Take home message: Take a deep breath [maybe hold it if it’s that poop thing you’re dealing with] and carry on. This is all pretty beautiful, don’t you think?
Ps. I wrote this at naptime and immediately afterwards walked into the bathroom and dang near stuck my foot straight into a toddler turd.

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