embrace your inner that guy.


Hi friends what’s new with you?

What’s new with me is Mike and I got engaged and also we’re in the process of buying our house. GROWNUP STUFF. Of course there’s all these alarm bells going off in my head, little timers I set back before I knew a bunch of the stuff I know now. Alarms that are saying things like what the heck Julie you’re going to end up a boring housewife with a mortgage what the heck. Then I say shhhh Julie just because televisions say marriage is al and peg bundy does not mean you’re going to hate all of this gorge yourself on bonbons while Mike puts shoes over old bunions for as long as you both shall live. [wups I’m eating chocolate  right now ABANDON relationSHIP.]

I know this marriage will be a Julie and Mike marriage which means it will fit together as well we have since the night we met. Yes, more marriages end in divorce than death these days but the fact that so many people get married and then get miserable seems a wonderful reason to start slanting the statistics back in the other direction.

It will be a lifelong conversation. A constant reminder of how great we are and how much we need to work on and how much unrelenting support we’ll have in both of those cases.

And I’m going into this knowing it’s not going to last forever. This bond we have formed might just. But ‘being married’ is a custom reserved for this particular physical realm of existence. It will end when it no longer serves us. Likely that will be when one of us dies. But maybe not and that’s ok too. [Imunna stop here before I blog out all my vows ahead of time.]

I’m a little late on my weekly blog and have been hesitant to post this since I’ve already had a blog on relationships and uh oh am I becoming that guy who only talks about relationships???? But I’ve never cared much for reluctance to do a thing out of fear of being that guy.  Fear of being that guy is just fear of acknowledging that guy that exists in all of us.


Take home message: embrace your inner that guy. and eat some chocolate probably.

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