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The other night I was sitting around a fire with some friends who were all telling their origin stories. I had to leave before telling mine but the whole deal was super interesting… seeing where people came from and how their lives came to be intertwined with each other. Kind of like what thefacebook aims for but often misses. Horribly.

since I didn’t get a chance to tell my origin story that night I thought I’d type mine out and encourage anyone else with a spare moment to type out their own so we can connect the dots and see what sea creature might be hidden in our interconnectedness. i’m gonna facebook tag the people who were there that night but that certainly doesn’t mean that I’m not equally as interested in hearing your story if you don’t happen to be one of those people.

begin. Clyde Gill and Lynn Babcock met on a Frisbee field one day and decided to birth a child and name her Julia. they did so in Monterey CA and then came back to St. Louis a few months later to continue frisbeeing with Julie on the sidelines where she was co-raised by a variety of sweaty out of breath humans who would offer up random bits of wisdom usually in the form of ‘don’t repeat that thing I just did there.’

before she went to kindergarten Clyde and Lynn decided to go their separate ways and Julie got another dad named Steve. One time Steve tried to teach Julie how to ride a bicycle by means of demonstration and cracked the tiny seat and the only tiny seat they had at the bike shop was one with a big angry skull so Julie rode a tiny red bike with a big angry skull seat for several years. another time Clyde took Julie to Johnson’s Shut-Ins and helped her jump off a big rock then right afterwards some guy got a ticket for jumping off that big rock. another time Lynn had to pick Julie up from preschool because her belly hurt and after leaving work to come get Julie it just turned out that Julie had to poop and Lynn was unaware that they didn’t know about poop at that school. Julie quickly informed Lynn that this was in fact the case to help prevent future poop debacles.

over the next 10 years, Lynn and Steve made Kimmy, Danny, and Emily and then Julie had some kin to play with. One time Julie dropped Kimmy on her head and she passed out for a second and after she woke back up they decided not to tell mom until about 11 years later. Another time Kimmy and Danny and Julie would march around the house after their baths sing-shouting THE NAKED PARADE. Another time Julie would take pictures of Emily all the time because she was the coolest baby ever who did things like invent an alter-ego for herself at the age of about three named ‘thing colbygottheblues walters’ who would talk in a strange robot voice until one day Kimmy was playing airplane with Emily and the plane crashed and thing died.

When Julie was in 6th grade some girl gave her a look that made Julie believe she was not at all cool and for a long time after that Julie wanted to be cool but didn’t think she was because she was trying to be what other people thought were cool. It took a long time for her to remember that she’s always been cool and everyone is always cool so long as they are honest about what they love and what they believe and act accordingly.

When Julie was in high school Lynn and Steve decided to go their separate ways and Julie decided she had at least a good 10 years to continue pretending that life events such as these had no emotional impact on her.

Sophomore year Julie dated a lovely boy named John. He banged a big drum in the marching band and had sworn off inebriating substances by the time he met Julie and had plans to get a tattoo reading ‘reality is the biggest trip’ or something to that effect. The relationship didn’t last way too long because Julie got scared of the whole idea pretty quick. She has no idea where John is today but is sure he’s doing something neat and at least mildly rebellious.  Senior year Julie started dating Jeremy who played the guitar and is just a wonderful person. But this is when she first got the idea in her head that on some level she needed to be who the other wanted her to be. It took many years to undo that little diddy. Jeremy went to college in California to turn into a doctor and Julie stayed in Missouri. They did the long distance thing for a bit before it just didn’t make sense anymore so they broke off on their own.

In 2003, Julie went to college to play soccer at SMS and learn about education because that was the next thing she was supposed to do. halfway through all that she decided soccer wasn’t meant to be a job and education wasn’t meant to put children in desks all day so she quit soccer started playing Frisbee and switched her major to psychology since that would be her fastest route out of there. At some point she found out that her good friend Rachael had this neat brother named John [a different John] who liked to play Frisbee and write poems. The two dated for a while before that thing where Julie thought she needed to be who the other wanted cropped back up again and Julie rather ungracefully broke the whole thing off. She still feels bad about how that one ended. John’s off in California now too. Probably along with that other John since that’s where her exes seem to head.

A few years later she put on a big black robe to get her fancy piece of paper and then decided to use the money she’d been saving from donating plasma all through college to drive around the country and eat canned soup and sleep in her van for a few months which is when things sort of started making sense.

She landed in Colorado for about a month before deciding she needed to rebuild her relationship with Clyde by moving back to Missouri to live and work at the winery he owns with his wife Katie for a couple years. Then more things started making sense.

Then she moved to a Buddhist Retreat center in California named Ratna Ling for a year where things made A WHOLE LOT OF SENSE for the first 6 months and then ALL OF THE OPPOSITE OF SENSE for the next 5.

So she moved back to Missouri with Lynn and now husband Stephen [stepdad number 2 not to be confused with Steve who was stepdad number 1] to sort things back out and also start rebuilding her relationship with Steve [stepdad numero uno]. A month later she got a job at a Montessori school where their philosophy and practice of education made a whole bunch of sense to her. A little after that she met a boy named Mike who made a whole bunch of sense to her and he helps her make more sense of things and also can fix/make anything in the physical world. She thinks he’s just the neatest thing. And as a result of all that stuff that happened out in California and addressing her daddy issues, Julie is now able to be Julie and let Mike be Mike and just bask in how beautifully those two things naturally work together and wears a ring on her finger that means the two of them plan to hang out for quite a while. They currently live together in a cozy little house in University City where she now sits in a pleasant little craft room at a desk hand crafted by Mike, typing out a happy little story of how she came to be in this spot. She thinks it’s pretty neat that there could be a ‘The End’ right here and she’d be perfectly all right with that, but instead this just gets to keep on going and a bunch of stuff after this point looks a little like this: ?

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