art is neat.


Art is neat. One time in college I was sitting up on my roof when my new nextdoor neighbors all started climbing up onto their roof. The sun had mostly set at that point so their faces weren’t too clear but after a minute or so a  ‘Julie Gill?’ came from the almost darkness on my next door roof. I recognized the voice and answered with ‘Brian Moore?’ then got down from my roof got up onto their roof and made some new friends. Their house was ‘The Art Factory’ because they all made a bunch of amazing art all of the time. One of those artists was H.E. Croan who is likely my favorite artist that I know of.
Another time in college I shaved my head and asked her to draw with henna on my head and this is what happened:  [click the pics for a bigger view]











Here’s a couple more of her creations:


no beginnings 1











Just incredible, no? You can find more like this here:

I’ve always liked this idea of  just tossing a bunch of colors onto a canvas and then discovering what already exists there.
I mention her now because for a wehile I wanted to try using a similar method but was afraid that I would be copying and only recently decided that just because I like a thing that someone else has done doesn’t mean I can’t try out my own version of that thing. Thus, this:


a picture for a graffiti artist friend of mine who had train-themed art show up in Chicago a couple weeks ago called ‘Off the Rails.’
I very much like collaborative projects with a certain deadline. [one reason I like improv so much. I get to work together with a small group of people on a project [called a team] that itself has no particular deadline but within the project there bunches of 25ish minute deadlines in which we manufacture little microprojects [called shows] and within those microprojects there are bunches of micromicroprojects with 3ish minute deadlines [called scenes].]   Having a deadline is hugely beneficial in ‘finishing’ any thing and I have a hard time strictly setting any sort of deadline for myself which is something I’d like to work on but am not terribly concerned about at this juncture. deadlinedeadlinedeadline. Maybe things would be easier to finish if they didn’t have to be finished by the DEAD. LINE.  When I just wholly invest in a project it makes it’s own deadline . What makes a thing easy and more enjoyable to finish is relaxing and allowing it take it’s own shape in time. huh.


Think that’s all for now. Here’s a different artist that is also neat:








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