Why I want to become a Montessori Certified Teacher.

Hi friends.

I want to become a Montessori Certified Teacher because it scares me. The idea of entering into a profession where my success will be entirely determined by who I am at my core is a little terrifying, no? This isn’t some job where I can just coast along behind a desk and wait for 5 o’clock, then wait for the weekend, then wait for my next vacation. This job will require that I attempt every day to learn as quickly as these children learn and they set a pretty ridiculous pace.  I will be required to continually address all of the not-so-positive attributes I possess since children have a way of waving these things in my face until I choose to do something about them. Which is wonderful a lot of the time and horribly annoying the rest of the time.  But I’ve learned to embrace the annoying (sometimes) and enjoy the wonderful the rest of the time.
I also want to become a Montessori Certified Teacher because:

-I have quite a love for learning and want to surround myself with a place that reminds me of this love and constantly challenges me to do more. Every child I have the opportunity to work with offers another tiny piece of this massive puzzle that is the human experience.
-I am a happy adult and would like to help produce more happy adults.
-The times when I am learning something new and facilitating that in others are the times when I feel most alive.
-I would like to make more money.
-I love watching children continually realize the value in doing things for themselves.
-I think the human spark is often the brightest in early childhood and I’d like to learn how to help children learn to keep their spark glowing.

Mainly I want to become a Montessori Certified Teacher because it just feels right.  I’ve explored a variety of career paths and seem to keep coming back to education. And the Montessori Method just makes sense to me.

During the Montessori teaching program, my goal is to address any personal issues that might interfere with my ability to facilitate a positive and productive learning environment. At the moment, I see my main obstacle as wanting too much control. I sometimes become a bit fixated on the way I think things should be rather than accepting and flowing with the way things are. Working with toddlers for the past two years has helped me immensely and I plan to continue to grow in this area.  I also have a tendency to place teachers on a pedestal and I’d like to work on that since it interferes with both my ability to learn and teach. It seems to me that learning happens best when everyone involved in the process is open and accepting of the fact that we all have infinite possibilities for growth and development. Learning is a dialogue, not a speech. I also intend to maintain a cooperative rather than competitive attitude throughout the program. I want to help the entire group live up to our potential. The more we focus on helping the group as a whole, the better each of us will be.  My goal is also to remain open to whatever may arise. I will embrace the vulnerability that comes with any learning experience and allow it to deepen my connection to those around me.

I feel that I have a variety of attributes that allow me to excel in this field.
For one, I remain calm.  I continually work with my emotions in order to help increase my ability to set them to the side in a frustrating situations. Humans can be frustrating and this job involves interacting with a lot of them every day.
Also, I have a huge passion for learning which is very contagious and I plan to infect as many as possible with this affliction.
I also spend a lot of time studying myself and others. Humans have always been incredibly interesting to me so I’ve developed a bit of an understanding of why we act the way we do. I feel that working in this field will help me better understand how to help a child (or any human, myself included) modify behaviors that are not beneficial to himself and his surroundings.

I wish to enroll in the HMEI program because I fully believe that this is one of the best educational institutes. Up until I started working at Hope, I had plans to eventually start my own school from scratch in order to create a positive learning environment for children. Discovering Hope, an environment that embodied what I thought education could be, was a huge relief. Knowing that I can attend a program that will teach me much more than I could have created on my own is just a wonderful feeling. I also have the benefit of seeing the HMEI program from the inside since I teach a Tibetan Yoga class for the Infant Toddler Training. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work with a group of such passionate individuals who are wholly dedicated to making this training program the best it can possibly be. I’m always seeking to develop and utilize my ability to make this world a better place.   I believe this program will be a wonderful way to continue that process.

Thank you for reading. 🙂
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