let’s all just hug for a while.


I try my best not to form strong opinions about issues because strong opinions tend to tie knots inside me that get all tangled and don’t leave much room for new information to come in.


It seems more useful to make little bows that come undone with a gentle tug and can change into different things like friendship bracelets or maybe a jumprope.
In situations like this, it’s incredibly difficult not to take sides. With such massive amounts of emotion erupting on both sides of the issue, it’s just so easy to point fingers and assume that THOSE people are acting incorrectly. Because actions based on fear and anger are never nice and usually very loud and easy to see.  But the act of choosing a side is also based on fear. Fear of acknowledging that part of myself that knows that if I was that person in that situation, I would have done just what he did. If I was Mike Brown, I would have charged that cop. If I was Darren Wilson, I would have shot Mike Brown. If I was that white supremacist, I’d negate the value of black lives. If I was that protester, I’d be looting the Dollar Store. (Pixie Stix, bitches.)

Fear is a thing that every human has in common. So why are we using it to draw lines and point fingers? Why not use it as a unifying agent? Oh hi I’m afraid. You’re afraid too. That’s cool.

Every problem that has arisen from all of this is a direct result of people having an emotion and channeling that emotion directly into an action (charging, shooting, bitching, finger-pointing, burning, tear-gasing, etc.) Instead of arguing over the intricacies of one isolated and highly unfortunate incident, instead of bouncing this weird negative energy back and forth,  maybe let’s focus on some love instead.  I’d like to do a thing where I tell you to close your eyes and love everyone for a minute, like right now, then get all clever by saying yes right now unless you’re driving in which case put your stupid phone down and read this later.

But whenever someone tells me to do something it makes me want to do the opposite thing really hard like that Go See a Play  bumper sticker makes me want to drive straight to Wehrenberg Theaters. Or whatever’s the opposite of that…hear a work or something.  So I’ll say this instead.

I find it helpful to close my eyes and love every person. Love that cop. Love that shooter love that looter love the guy posting that stuff on Facebook that makes me think ‘that’s the type of person that I could never love.’ Because that’s the person I absolutely need to love.  All of the time.

Clearly there is a collective underlying hurt that this whole ordeal has stirred up. Whether or not this incident is actually representative of racial injustice and/or abuse of power is besides the point.  The issues exist. I don’t know much but in my experience, acknowledging the issues that create my emotions has been the first step towards healing. So here are the issues.  Now what?

Maybe this. Think it’d be nice if the whole world watched this and hugged each other.  Then we can go from there. <3

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