makes SENSE.

  “Beauty is found in harmony, not in discord; and harmony implies affinities, but these require a refinement of the senses if they are to be perceived. The beautiful harmonies […]

more thoughts on education.

Utilizing the Power of Sensitive Periods (a slightly modified paper for a philosophy class) “Only nature, which has established certain laws and determined the needs of the human being in […]

hi friends! I’m currently in week 4 of an 8 week Montessori teacher training program. I got to write this paper for the philosophy class and thought I might share […]

For the past two years I have worked at Hope Montessori Infant/Toddler Community as an assistant teacher. Next week I’ll be moving down the hill to the preschool to work with 3-6 year […]

  Disclaimer. When I speak poorly of our traditional education system I am in no way speaking poorly of the individual teachers. I experienced quite a few great teachers and […]