The other night I was sitting around a fire with some friends who were all telling their origin stories. I had to leave before telling mine but the whole deal […]

I think I’ve always told myself that making a living as an ‘artist’ would involve entirely too much ego and that’s been sort of clogging my view of the whole […]

out here we sometimes get together on saturday nights and write some things. i think maybe i’ll start posting a few of those things up here. this is one from […]

like a bull out the bread bag breaking all these twist ties. like a farmer on his tip toes dodging all these cow pies. like a soldier in a whiskey […]

goodmorning. maybe this will make some sense. today is saturday. i am typing this from the central dodge dealership on sunshine street in springfield missouri. my power cord is starting […]

and now this.

hi there. i have a hard time putting all this into words. they just don’t makeum like the used to, you know? maybe just a few words. i bet you […]


lately i’ve been pairing my breakfast with a friendly kickintheshorts from this guy:: brian johnson. he picks apart fantastic books and breaks them down into 10 minute video clips of […]