the people.

then came an unexpected gust of wind, sent the people scrambling about as thoughts swirled up and up out of their heads like blowing the tufts of dandelions. they frantically searched for their own dreams and fears and insecurities and obsessions and plans and worries, ran to closets for butterfly nets and fishing rods but it was too late. the thoughts tangled together, formed a giant nest in the sky and the people stopped. they became very calm and one by one, settled into that nest for a long, dreamless sleep.

when the people awoke everything seemed different but perhaps the change was only within themselves. either way, they recognized nothing from before and were left with only a familiar presence in the back of their minds that they could not manage to put into words since words no longer existed. communication was effortless as ideas simply floated from one person to the next. those who thought in pictures before the change now felt a sense of connection they’d never thought possible.

for the first day they all simply sat. needing nothing. observing everything.  the second day sparked diversity and they were drawn back into the material world [something always seems to bring us back]. by the end of the third day, each person had a place. though it happened quickly, it happened with grace. they knew their role and had no reason to fight against it. when they sensed an overlap they broke into groups, division without animosity.

but with diversity there came good and bad and the people became confused. they started to disagree about how to fix the bad::

-we’ll create a vacuum. remove the bad from the world, suck out the evil in ourselves!-
-no! create positive as opposed to [NOdoNOT oppose anything!] destroying negative!-
-replacement? that only covers up the seed, lets it grow!-
-but keep digging and you’ll find yourself buried!-
-ignore it and the roots will ruin you!-

the people chose different ways to live with this confusion.
some retreated, disconnected,  fell back into the nothing.
some made beautiful noises to drown out that incessant dissonant hum.
some were more distracted by the constant chaos, an unending stream of conflicting images so they escaped into fantastic worlds of their own creation.
some found immense pleasure in the material world, the limitless combination of sights, smells, tastes, sounds, feelings.
some were convinced that the answer lay outside themselves and formed groups, combined forces toward some unseen goal.
some involved themselves so deeply in the lives of those around them that they hardly had a chance to notice the confusion.
and then some were able to simply float, to live in uncertainty.

most that chose a certain path surrounded themselves with others who had made the same decision and in so doing, changed the natural order of groups. the motives of these people were insincere and thus the seed was planted.  they developed biases towards the other groups: since they could never be sure they’d made the right decision, they found comfort in convincing themselves that the others were wrong.
let’s not forget that the people were good. they were unaware of the underlying motivations to these actions. they truly believed in their way and tried to help the others who were wrong.
but just as they tried to help the others, the others tried to help them.
and they took offense.

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